Book an initial consultation

What to expect:

You will recieve an intake form, which will cover some details such as health history, current medications, pronouns, and contact information. If you cannot fill out an intake form, we can go over it on the initial intake.

After filling out the intake form, schedule an appointment with me. This initial meeting will last about 2 hours so that I can have a fuller picture of your history and health concerns.

I offer non-judgemental, harm reduction informed care. No one plan fits every person, we all have our own journeys with our health, what matters is what works for you and what fits the goals you choose for yourself.

Within 3-7 days we will have a brief second conversation to go over the details of a plan proposal, we can make any needed adjustments and then your formulas and plan will be sent to you. Going over the plan is included in the cost of the initial consultation. My health guidance plans may include recommendations of supplements, nutrition, movement, herbs, and helpful resources and information that align with your goals.

The first follow up appointment will be 1 month after our initial consultation and it is included in the initial consultation cost.

I use Fullscript as a platform for supplement recommendation, as my client you will get 30% off if you purchase supplements through them, however you can get supplements from wherever you feel most comfortable getting them. 

Let me know if there is anything I need to do to make things accessible for you. Consultations can be done in person (once things have calmed down from COVID-19), on the phone, or by zoom video call.

Initial consultations + the first follow up costs $50-$200 sliding scale. Herbs are an additional cost of $8 per ounce of tincture, $3 per ounce of tea.

Contact me to book an appointment.

Book a follow up

What to expect:

Follow up appointments last around 1 hour, in this meeting we will check in about your primary health concerns, and see how the plan is working for you, making any needed adjustments. I may recommend refills of your herbs or supplements, and may adjust your nutritional protocol.

I generally do follow ups once a month, if you need more frequent care we can see what works for both our schedules.

Follow ups are $15-$50 sliding scale.

Contact me to book an appointment.

In no way do I claim to be a medical professional, I do not intend to or claim to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.