Educational Herbal Sources and other Herbalists

Henriette’s Herbal
Maude Grieves Online Herbal
Kiva Rose
Jim McDonald
South West School of Botanical Medicine Resources
Larken Bunce
Soveignty Herbs
Gossypium spp. (Cotton Root Bark): A Symbol of Herbal Resistance Karen Culpepper
Gwinnie Bird
Erika Larsen

Sources for Acquiring Sustainably Harvested Herbs

bulk herb & formulation in Burlington VT
Farmacy Herbs
Solidarity Apothecary
Feral Gardens
Snake Root Apothecary
Sea Song Root
Suntrap Botanicals
High Falls Gardens (TCM herbs)
Flack Family Farm


Vermont Insititute of Herbal Medicine
Stone Fruit Community Herbalists

Mental Health and Trauma Resources

Jon Keyes - Herbs for Mental Health
Queer Attachment: an anti-oppression toolkit for relational healing
Clementine Morgan - zines and books on sex, mental health, and trauma
Gwinnie Bird
Icarus Project

Trans & Queer Health Resources

Transgender Herbal Care
San Fransisco Center of Community Health
Fenway Health Center

Social Justice Groups and Resources

Hecate Society – Queer & Femme ▲ Autonomous Border Resistance
Social Justice News in RI
The Sylvia Rivera Law Project
Casey Wait (good list of resources on their linktree)

Free/Sliding Scale Clinics

Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine
Clinica Esperanza
Sage Community Herbal Clinic

Tools, Tips, and Interesting Tidbits

free or donation based digital books
Privilege and its neurochemical pleasures: why it matters and how we can hack it, Tada Hozumi
Laziness Does Not Exist But Unseen Barriers Do, Devon Price
Health at every size resources for health and wellness professionals
Pain Science
Buteyko Breathing Technique
Chronic Illness and Food Intolerance
Generative Somatics
Irresistable Podcast
Relational Uprising
Radio LoRa 
herbs for migraines differentials
Safe and unsafe herbs for pregnancy